Why ever in the world do I drink Shakeology? Let's rewind a little back to the very first time I heard about Shakeology.

I had just started this program called ChaLean and I heard it talked about on there and then again when I headed into P90X. Hmm...I was interested but I sort of ignored it, really isn't it just another health shake? Then I got a bit more curious. I went to and saw the price tag and nearly had a heart attack. There was no way I was spending that much money on a shake. I mean seriously, what the heck makes it so expensive?

A bit later I was at the house of a friend I grew up with and saw it on her counter. Hmmm, again...was it really worth ordering? This was not long after it's conception. I thought ok...the ingredients are INSANELY awesome, plus I am already using a ton of them so I decided I would go for it and nix the jars of supplements I had on my counter and make it real easy for myself and get them in a one shot deal with Shakeology. Turns out, buying the Shakeology was way cheaper than all those bottles I purchased every month. Plus there were ingredients in there that I just was not getting in my diet, even though at this point I had turned my eating around and was eating very healthfully.

Then I noticed changes. I had more energy. My skin looked great. My nails were stronger. I had really really shiny hair. I overall felt great. These are changes I can get used to! It wasn't about losing weight for me, but getting healthy from the inside out. If you work it that way, the exterior has no choice but to reflect that. Yeah...and weight loss is a bonus. Who doesn't love that?

To give you the Reader's Digest version I have been drinking it for about 4 years. I was not a coach at this time, I was just a customer. I believed in it and knew I found something amazing and it did change my life.

Fast forward to 3 years later. I became a coach. I talk about Shakeology on a daily basis to whomever is willing to listen. I believe in it wholeheartedly.

Shakeology is not the magic cure to health and weight loss. Nothing but hard work, a change in your mentality and dedication to your health and fitness will get you results. But it is a tool. A hardworking tool that gets your body working optimally and helps you get where you need to go just a bit faster.

Is it worth it? You can bet your life on it.



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