Saturday, 18 November 2017

Front Entry Facelift

Ok, I am not overly proud to say this but my entryway has never really been anything exciting since I moved into this house. It is not my favourite area, simply because it is wonky and doesn't flow, but I am getting out of my own head and I decided I needed to make the most of it (instead of ignoring it).

The floor tiles need to be replaced, but I am holding out for a budget friendly find at ReStore, which I have faith that I will eventually come across. But for now...I am controlling the controllable and taking the dark and uninspiring space and brightening it up and bringing it into this decade.

BEFORE: BLAH tan walls, white doors, and the infamous "boob" light. UGH...I loathe these light fixtures and slowly we are replacing them in this house. And not sure WHY, but I always get so DAMN EXCITED that I forget to take proper BEFORE pics...what the what?? is a bit of what it looked like after I already had kind of started disassembling and rippping the space apart.

At this point, I just had one side of the closet doors painted black and started working on the other side.  Why the heck did I wait so long to paint them.  They are GORGeous!!  :-)


Now the fun begins...cutting in the white paint...which **GASP** I never thought I would be doing because I LOVE color, but I wanted to try white on white somewhere and this seemed like a great place to give it a go.  I chose Behr Chenille Spread as it was a warm white that went perfectly with our trim color.

The first coat ALWAYS looks like crap.  But, onwards and upwards! It took 3 coats to cover the dark tan and thankfully this was a small space.  

I installed the light fixture and my hubby replaced the outlets and switches.  WHAT a change!!  This sweet little cage light came from Canadian Tire and was $40!  How could you not love that? 

Insert hot hubby helping with switch replacement.  <3 <3 

**CUE ANGELS SINGING** How is it that something so small makes such a HUGE difference? time to get the decorating for the holidays underway.  

Enter some Buffalo Check and some vintage finds.  The little MCM telephone bench I got at our town flea market for $5 this spring.  It was covered in gold vinyl (the seat had a small hole) but I decided because fur is WAY more fun, so it shall be on this bench.  I intended to do white fur, but they were all out at the fabric store.  I have to say I think the black fur works here! I gave the bench a fresh coat of paint too, with my most FAVOURITE GOLD paint ever!! 

 I also got some buffalo check fabric and made a quick envelope cover for one of my existing pillows.

 I bought this swag last year and it seemed like this was a better spot for it.  *SWOON*.  So.  Pretty! Here are a few pics of the rest of the holiday jewelry for the entry.  I wanted it to be fun, simple and the buffalo check is my signature move...haha...and it ws a perfect fit here and contrast to the creamy white paint.  I love the whole space and I'm happy it is complete! It didn't take that long and why the heck didn't I do this before?

This little sign came from the Dollar store, people.  How awesome is this? ;-)

I grabbed a birch branch from my daughter's yard and hung it it the window with thin jute string from Michaels.  I had these little gold, white and silver stars for years and thought they would be a cute and simple addition.  I used sparkly gold string which also came from Michaels and was a great contrast to the natural birch branch.

Do you have a small entryway or space that you struggle with?  I'd love to see pics or hear from you in comments below how you are jhuzzing (yes I say this is a word) up your space.  

Stay weird ;-), 


Thursday, 9 November 2017

Chalkboard DIY

OHHH, don't you just LOVE those moments when you stumble upon a most gorgeous find for less than a cup of coffee?  I nabbed this baby at ReStore (it was hiding inside a hugeee cupboard there) & knew exactly what I wanted to do with it right at the store:  A Chalkboard!

I took it apart and gave it a good cleaning and was ready to dig in.  

I wanted to use the actual print itself for the chalkboard, so to seal it in and give an awesome base to paint on, I brushed on a coat of KILZ.  

I still had a lot of Cascadia FAT paint left from redoing my SIDE TABLE, and with Christmas coming, this frame was screaming to be painted in this color. I did 2 coats on the frame.

If you have never tried FAT Paint before you should check them out HERE because their colors are AHHHMAZING!!  I am semi obsessed with all things FAT right now.  #sorrynotsorry

This is hands down my favorite chalkboard paint: RUSTOLEUM CHALKBOARD PAINT, which you can get at The Home Depot or Lowes if you have one close.  Clean up is super easy!

This is 2 coats of chalkboard paint. 

After everything dried I used a sanding block and gave the frame a light sanding, focusing on the edges and places where things would naturally wear off over time.  That keeps it authentic looking. I love seeing the original gold peek through. I then sealed the entire frame with MINWAX CLEAR PASTE WAX, then buffed it out after 5 minutes.  I used FAT Patina Wax in the nooks and crannies to give it even more depth and warmth.  LOVE.  IT! 

I prepped the chalkboard, then reassembled and I am ECSTATIC over how it turned out. This might not be it's permanent home, but I had the space here to hang it up and I could not wait! I am SO excited to start decorating for Christmas and include this in the mix!


Do you have a chalkboard anywhere in your house or have you wanted to add one to your decor?  I'd love to see yours too! Drop a link to your blog below in comments and share with me.



Friday, 3 November 2017

Indigo Blue Dresser Mid Century Modern

I loved this piece the minute I laid eyes on it. Great lines but it needed some jhuzzing(yes that's a word!) up!  I have been a bit on the blue train lately and thought this would be the best compliment for this dresser.  Here it is in my garage, as is after purchase.  

This is the blue I chouse, from Behr, called Indigo Ink.  It is really just incredibly rich and pigmented. *SWOON*

I sanded the dresser lightly, and taped off the sides so I didn't have to be so tedious with my brush strokes around the edges.  I used 2 types of painter's tape here, but hands down the SCOTCH BLUE is the best, IMO. 

I gave the pulls a fresh coat, too.  This is the first time using this gold paint, RUSTOLEUM PURE GOLD. It is a softer and more warm option. I also sprayed the dresser legs in this gold, which I think looks incredible.

How INcredible is this color??  

This lighting is SO BAD here, but I don't have a spot quite yet that I can stage pieces and has great light so it is what it is.  I am truly in love and happy with the overall effect of the dresser.  :-)

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