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My name is Wendy...welcome!

I am a 46 year old mom to two amazing kids, Lauren who is 26 and Morgan who is 20. I am also married to their dad, Scott who is my rock and my best friend. We celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary last year, so that was for us a HUGE milestone in our marriage.

I am also a grandma now to the most adorable little boy.  His name is Jude and I am officially in love!  :-)

I have dabbled in fitness throughout my lifetime, not really staying fully committed for any length of time, just sort of half way doing things. For 2 years I did power lifting, which engrained the love of heavy weights within my soul! After that, my son was born, I kind of got away from the whole thing and kept an extra 30 pounds on my body for a whole year. I was NOT happy with myself at all and felt so grossed out with my reflection and wondered when the old me had gone.

I did lose some of the weight eventually, and kept it off. Though I was really not eating great, still eating a ton of processed foods and all the wrong stuff.

Several years later I started running. I had never before in my life run any distance, just piddly little amounts as a teen ager with a whim to run at 5 am that faded after the third day when I figured out that staying in a warm bed was WAY more appealing than running in the fog. When I started running, I lost a lot of weight. I was skinny. Sure I was small and petite and likely the only time in my life I would be classifed as that, but I was still not eating great and I wasn't strong. I was just thin. Then I ended up packing on a few more pounds and felt stuck again after some major life changes. UGH...

I found ChaLean Extreme and I am going to admit, I knew ZERO about Beachbody at the time, so I purchased it on ebay. Sorry, Carl! That moment changed. My. Life.

I without fail, did the workouts every day. I gained more than muscle. I gained a new perspective on life.  Chalene and her troop became my extended family and little did I know at the time would become a bigger part of my life. I not only got myself more physically fit, but mentally I was exercised like never before. I knew from that moment on that I had more in me that I thought possible and if I could do this, I could do anything!  I was challenging myself and I was loving it!

I also learned about this amazing thing called Shakeology which is part of my every day and I now cannot live without.  I got myself healthy from the inside out.  This was my mission!

I did 2 rounds of ChaLean, then went on to meet a wonderful man who talked me into doing P90X. What the actual heck was I thinking? This P90X stuff was a daunting business. So I said yes! And to date, it is my MOST beloved Beachbody program and my total wheelhouse. GO TONY!!

Fast forward to today. I have gone through many more major life events, fitness regimes, pushed myself futher than ever before and will continue to do so.

I became a coach 3 years ago and my life is so amazing because of it. The people I meet on a daily basis, the ones that work with me and share their struggles and their victories. The complete stranger that pours out their story to me in a plea for help...all of these things make every day a journey I so enjoy being on!

I am 46 and doing things I would never in my wildest dreams thought were possible, even in my younger years. Age is just a number. I am one determined woman and I am not going to let a little number get in the way of me bettering myself.

If I can change my life, anyone can.


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